Comprehensive servicing – without losing your shirt!

We offer three servicing options:

  1. Major service – A thorough thirty-eight step process to look after your car and ensure it looks after you.
  2. Minor service – Generally including the replacement of engine oil and the engine oil filter, but can be tailored to your needs.
  3. Winter check – To ensure your vehicle is in good shape to face whatever the winter throws at it.

We use good quality consumables and original equipment parts (unless there is a good reason not to, in which case we will discuss with you first). 

Service books are stamped to maintain you service history and preserve the value of your car.

For prices please refer to the pricelist

To book a service please call Neil on 07886 108 886.

The NB Car Services Major Service

Every wondered what gets done when your car is serviced?  This is what we will do – every step, every time.

  1. Check steering
  2. Check operation of exterior lights
  3. Check seat belts and report if worn or faulty
  4. Check condition and operation of windscreen wipers
  5. Check horn
  6. Check front windscreen washer operation. Adjust jets if necessary and top-up
  7. Check rear view mirror
  8. Check rear window washer operation. Adjust jets if necessary and top-up
  9. Check condition and tension of fan/ auxiliary belt where visible
  10. Check instrument panel for warning lights and report
  11. Check power steering reservoir (where applicable). Top-up as necessary
  12. Check steering gaiters, joints and dust covers
  13. Check propshaft, suspension joints and grease nipples where fitted
  14. Check wheel bearings for excessive play or noise
  15. Check inner and outer driveshaft gaiters
  16. Check tyre size, condition, tread depth and fitment
  17. Check clutch operation and top-up fluid if necessary
  18. Check shock absorbers and spring condition (where visible)
  19. Check and adjust tyre pressures
  20. Check condition or brake pads and shoes
  21. Check condition of brake discs and drums
  22. Check condition of wheel cylinders, calipers and adjusters
  23. Check handbrake linkages
  24. Check exhaust system
  25. Check any items reported by customer
  26. Replace engine oil and engine filter
  27. Replace air filter
  28. Replace fuel filter if required
  29. Check coolant level and top up if required
  30. Check brake fluid level and top up if required
  31. Check anti-freeze strength MIN-20
  32. Check battery condition and grease terminals if accessible
  33. Lubricate accessible door hinges where required
  34. Lubricate bonnet catch
  35. Check timing belt replacement interval and report if due
  36. Report if spark plugs are due to be changed according to mileage or age
  37. Reset vehicle service light where applicable (subject to data and tooling availability)
  38. Road test
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